Event Decoration Favorites

When you have an event at Chandler Hill Vineyards, the decorations are completely up to you! Whether you have large centerpieces for a wedding, or a decorated dessert table for a baby shower, however you picture the event is what you will get. Since Chandler Hill Vineyards opened, we have seen so many amazing decorations that we just had to document! Here are some of our favorites…

We have seen many things like this before, champagne & fruit tables, cupcake & sprinkle tables, candy bag tables, s’more tables, etc. but this popcorn table was a first!

David & Cassie Reception (255)
Typically at a wedding reception, there is either a seating chart, or place card to tell guests what table they are assigned to. At this wedding, however, they used succulents with each guests name and table number on them! As a gift for celebrating the bride & groom’s special day, each guest got to take their succulent home.

photo 2
Centerpieces are one of our favorite aspects of weddings; there is so much that can be done! This one is great because of how simple, and classic it is!

When it comes to candle designs, this one really stands out. The sticks, water, & rocks located inside the glass make a simple project look amazing.

Until next time,

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 11.25.31 AM

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