Winter Wonderland

Hey lovelies,

This past winter was a long and harsh one. But our bridal parties toughed through it for many gorgeous weddings. The DeYoung bride was able to keep warm with a fur cover up that made her stand out form the crowd, that and her white dress.


20180106-_W9A7558-364 (1).jpg


Even though some of these days were oddly warm the bride and groom were able to make it work for their special day.




As you can see, they were care free…




Rain or snow everyone is able to capture the most amazing pictures. In the Clausing wedding they were able to have their first look at our gray house while it was snowing.

What a picture perfect moment!



Don’t forget to email one of our wedding coordinators Megan or Alyssa.

Megan :

Alyssa :

Or Call us 636-987-2680

See you soon!


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