Why You Should Have A Winter Wedding!

Hello lovely bloggers,

Today Chandler Hill Vineyards is telling you why you should have winter wonderland wedding. Many brides often feel that the perfect time to have a wedding is in the fall, but there is nothing more magically then your future husband pulling you close on a cold evening.




Another amazing aspect about having winter weddings is that is the ambiance. Picture this, your guests are cold from the outside and they walk into a venue with beautifully lit candles. Along with our rustic venue and fireplace, it gives a feeling of walking into a comfortable cabin with everyone you love. When in this cabin, that calls for comfort food. Think of Chandler Hill’s staff placing a plate in from of you with duck breast, a side potatoes and a handful of green beans (My stomach is growling as we speak).




Another benefit to have a winter wedding is that the out of town guests save on their travel costs. Your cousins that were coming down for the annual family Christmas celebration and stay a extra few days to see her favorite cousin walk down the isle in a cozy cabin.


Hope to see you when the snow falls,


Chandler Hill Vineyards



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